The Ultimate Top Ten Reasons You Should NEVER Travel in Economy Over an Ocean

10. You wish you had taken another flight because the body odor of the person next to you reminds you of the farm you danced away from in glee at the earliest possible age, and all the people in Business Class that you passed on the way to your seat just smelled so good.

9. You may be lucky enough to grab a blanket from the overhead bin to get some sleep, but awaken to the horror of the complete drooling stranger next to you using your shoulder to do the same.

8. You end up spending up to 17 hours in the fetal position, most commonly wedged up against the side of your seat, because the person next to you is using part of yours.

7. Fast food that you would normally run from becomes your greatest desire as you gaze with despair upon the bleak dining experience before you, if you are even lucky enough to have one in front of you.

6. To avoid the passenger behind you from placing their shoeless feet as far under your seat as possible, hitting the back of your chair every time they try get out of the previously mentioned fetal position, or using the top of your head to get out of their seat just as you are about to doze off.

man grimacing

5. The minute you must rise to stretch your legs from the before mentioned fetal position, you are told immediately to sit back down because the aisle cannot handle all the other passengers trying to do the same.

4. A bit more on the fetal position. The human body is not meant to spend 16 hours in the fetal position….

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